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Where to Plant: Blackberries tend to form thickets and are vigorously rooted. Locate the plants where you can control "volunteers. " Blackberries have long roots and send up suckers many feet from the parent plant. Leave room to mow around the beds.

Our  blackberry plants   For Sale are  tissue cultured and so virus indexed to ensure our customer's success and most possible yield .  We are discovering more and more health benefits of blackberries all the time.  Please, see the health benefits and growing blackberries categories on the Home page. Primocane Vs Floricane : Primocane  blackberries are the plants that fruit on the current year growth. Prime Jim Thorny, Prime Jan Thorny, Prime-Ark45, Prime-Ark Freedom Thornless and Prime-Ark TravelerThornless are Primocane blackberries. We recommend these varieties if you wish to have a fall crop: late August to November-depends on Zone. The other varieties of blackberries on our site are Floricane, which means they fruit on the prior year growth and are considered summer fruiting varieties: June 6 to August 15, depending on Zone and spring weather conditions. Trailing and semi-erect cultivars need a trellis . Erect cultivars can grow as bushes. Please, send us an e-mail and we'll send You  10 pages of instructions about pruning and trellising.   All of our blackberries are tissue cultured  plants.   Please, note the date on your order for spring shipment. We ship all year depending on Your zone and our weather condition!   Many varieties are limited quantity. USDA release, SWEETIE PIE is deasease resistant THORNLESS variety, famous for its heat tolerance.   OSAGE THORNLESS  is available NOW! Ark   FREEDOM  and Ark TRAVELER Thornless Primocane are ready to ship.  Please, order while supplies last. Please, do not use pine shavings or any acidic mulch around blackberries  and leave 2 foot mulch free spot around plant base when You replant them.     O rder NOW ! 479-846-6030 !

Blackberry Bushes, The - Moon PieBlackberry Bushes, The - Moon PieBlackberry Bushes, The - Moon PieBlackberry Bushes, The - Moon Pie